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Testing Center   

At the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, all kids begin their jiu-jitsu journeys as white belts. We award one stripe for every 20 classes a child attends.  Once they earn four stripes, we test them.  If they pass, we promote them to white-yellow belt. Through our revolutionary Video Evaluation Process, you will take part in the same belt qualification process from home!

In order to access the Testing Center, please log in , or take a minute to register as a student (it’s free and simple). Once logged in, you will have instant access to the complete belt system, you will be able to view a full demonstration video of the white-yellow belt test, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have regarding the testing process. 


In Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, there are two belt systems, one for adults (ages 16 and up) and one for kids (under 16 years of age). Kids’ belts are awarded in the following order:

White Belt
White-Yellow Belt
Yellow Belt
White-Orange Belt
Yellow-Orange Belt
Orange Belt
White-Green Belt
Yellow-Green Belt
Orange-Green Belt
Green Belt

If your child was a student at the Gracie Academy, we would issue them one stripe for every 20 classes they attended, but since you are learning from home, you (the parents) will award the stripes on our behalf. Your child should keep track of every class they do in the Jiu-Jitsu Journal that came with the DVDs (or in the online Jiu-Jitsu Journal available through this website), and for every 20 classes they complete, you will award them one stripe on their white belt. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what lessons/techniques they are covering, as long as they have 20 training days they deserve their stripe. Once they have earned all four stripes they will be qualified to test for promotion to white-yellow belt. (To purchase a Gracie white belt, click here).

Stripe Placement
Stripes consist of black electric or athletic tape (unless the belt comes with a black stripe bar in which case the tape should be white) cut ½ inches (1 cm) wide and 8 inches (20 cm) long. Place the stripes on the end of the belt that does not have the Gracie tag on it. Place the first stripe 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the tip of the belt and each additional stripe ½ inch (1 cm) above the previous one.

Minimum Testing Age
Your child must be at least four years old to test for a white-yellow belt. If your child is less than four years old, focus on preparing them so that when their fourth birthday comes around, they will already have accumulated four stripes and, therefore, be allowed to test.

The Age Difference
The most important thing to understand regarding kids’ belt promotions is that, unlike the adult belt system, there is no direct correlation between the number of techniques and the kids’ belt promotions.  We understand that a child who starts training at 9 years old, will have learned many more techniques, and have a much higher level of competency by the time he/she has earned four stripes on their white belt (80 classes) than a child who begins when he/she is 4 or 5 years old. In evaluating your child’s eligibility for promotion, you can rest assure that we will take their age into consideration, so as long as they put in their time, they should do fine on the test.

The Adult Belt System
Your child will remain in the child belt system until they turn 16 years old.  At that time, regardless of the belt level they are at, they will graduate to the adult belt system, starting with blue belt.  In order to ensure that your child is fully prepared to take the demanding Blue Belt Qualification Test by the time they turn 16, we recommend that they stop focusing on the GRACIE BULLYPROOF program and begin working exclusively on the Gracie Combatives adult curriculum somewhere between 14 and 15 years old (assuming they hadn’t already started on the Gracie Combatives program). Upon earning their blue belt, your child will move on to the Master Cycle program in which they will learn the remaining 600+ techniques required for promotion to purple belt, brown belt, and, eventually, black belt! For more information on the adult Gracie Jiu-Jitsu curriculum, please visit


Watch the Video
To watch a video outlining the complete kids’ belt testing process, click here.

Step 1: Four Stripes
The first step is for your child to earn four stripes on their white belt. They should document each class they take, and every time they complete 20 classes, you will award them one stripe. Once your child has earned all four stripes, they qualify to be tested for promotion to white-yellow belt.

Step 2: Record the Test Performance
Once all four stripes have been earned, use a digital camera to record your child’s test performance.  Be sure to record the test in one continuous shot, and include the following three parts:

Part 1: BULLYPROOF Intro
“My name is __________. I am _____ years old, and I’m BULLYPROOF!”

Part 2: Three-minute Bully Battle
Demonstrate all your techniques in a three-minute, non-stop bully battle at level 3 intensity.

Part 3: Rules of Engagement
Recite the Rules of Engagement, word for word.

Step 3: Upload the Test Video
Once you have digitally recorded your white-yellow belt test, watch it with your child to ensure that they have met all the testing requirements, then click on the ‘Take Test’ tab up at the top of this page to upload the video. A Gracie Academy instructor will evaluate the video and, if your child passes, we will send them an official white-yellow belt in the mail along with a promotion certificate and we will update their rank on the list of BULLYPROOF Belt Holders!

The Belt Testing Fee ($65)
To cover the administrative/processing costs associated with each evaluation, there is a $65 evaluation fee for each belt test.  If your child passes the test, the belt and promotion certificate will be mailed to them free of charge.

Future Belt Test
The promotion process for all kids’ belts is exactly like that for white-yellow belt.  Each time your child earns four stripes and submits a test video, we will compare their performance side-by-side with their previous belt test video to determine their eligibility for promotion. Only if there is a significant increase in the number of techniques, execution accuracy, and reflexes, will they be awarded the next belt.


The table below will be used to track your child’s completion of all belt qualification tests.  Each time your child earns four stripes on a particular belt, click on the appropriate Take Test button and submit their belt qualification test video. If you have more than one child registered under your account, please be sure to select the appropriate child in the drop down box before submitting the test.   

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