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Ask the Gracies   

As you work your way through the curriculum online, or on DVD, we understand that you may have technical questions that are not covered in the instruction you receive. Anytime this happens, we encourage you to submit your question(s) in our Technique Forum so that a we can help you find the answer. There are other categories as well for questions/comments that do not pertain to the techniques. Basically, we use this forum to keep the communication lines open and the connection strong.

  In order to view the forums and submit questions, you will need to be logged in to your student profile. If you are a not a registered student, please click here to sign up for free.  

To post a question, please select the appropriate forum to the right. A Gracie Academy instructor will review your question, and you will receive an email notification once the answer is posted.

Important: Before posting a new question, please check to see if it has already been answered by conducting a keyword search below. Repeat questions will not be answered, and any questions posted to the incorrect forum will be deleted. Please do not post your question twice. Due to volume, not all questions will be answered.

  Post a new question:

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